Your Own Path

It’s time for a fresh start. There’s too much info out there and much of it conflicts with one another. How are you supposed to know what to do to help yourself get to where you want to be? You could research all day and still not be sure what to believe. 

I recently saw a video of a woman looking at a picture of herself as a kid thoroughly enjoying a birthday cake with not a care in the world. She was wishing to go back to that time where she could enjoy cake without the guilt and negative feelings. So many people commented and craved that feeling.

Why does that have to be gone? Why can’t we erase what we know and start fresh? The dieting world changes everyday and there’s always a new approach that promises to be the thing that will work this time. We go on and on like this year after year. 

Sometimes a diet will work to help you to lose weight quick. The problem then is usually that it doesn’t last or you need to stay on that diet long term and restrict certain foods or meet certain obligations. For some people, this may be necessary due to medical conditions. For the average person looking for lifelong changes, this is not the answer. So what is?

Unfortunately, there’s not a guaranteed way that works for everyone. There are some general ideas such as eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more. We know the general idea but when it comes down to the nitty gritty with plans and rules and restrictions, that’s when things get tricky.

We are all so different with different likes/dislikes, body types, genes, metabolisms, etc. How are we supposed to find a solution that works for us individually? It’s easier than you think. 

By starting fresh, you erase everything you know and get to know yourself, not the latest diet trend. If your goal is to just lose weight quick and white knuckle it with a restrictive diet and intense exercise, you will probably see results. But is that the way you want to live your life? You may have lost weight but you may also feel stressed, have headaches, feel unsatisfied and irritable. 

My goal has been to find a lifelong way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle including eating the birthday cake guilt-free, if I want to. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go through life not enjoying foods I love just to be able to look a certain way and be grouchy about it. I believe there is a way to have it all. 

The sweet spot is by living in that gray area. The spot in-between all the diets, theories, rules and restrictions. The all or nothing thinking tends to not end well. For some people, this may be where they thrive, with rules and limits but I like to play in the middle area. The spot where things aren’t as clear but I find what works for me. I pave my own path in-between the many roads and find what works best for me and what doesn’t. I pivot and navigate as I go. I take what works and leave the rest. 

While there is new information everyday about health and wellness, we can learn and grow and experiment to see what applies to us. If all of a sudden they say coffee is bad, you get to decide whether it’s something you want to keep in your life or not. Are there ways to cut back on your caffeine intake? Maybe you just need better sleep. What about decreasing the sugar slightly? Maybe you don’t even really like coffee but thought it was good for you. 

When this information comes out and is ever-changing, think about how you’d like to apply it to your life or not. I find that I don’t do well with hard rules. I don’t do Dry January but do Damp January. Oftentimes, Damp January ends up being Dry January but if I labelled it Dry January, I would feel restricted. Some people might notice that their relationship with alcohol is not healthy and need to cut it out completely. Some just want to experiment and see how they feel without alcohol playing a part in their life. We can’t judge each other or say there is one right way. It’s just a chance to take note on how alcohol is playing a part in your life. 

Think of other ways you can use this mindset. What else is something you could re-evaluate it’s effect on your life. What about your snacking? Your cravings? Your sleep?

If you find this type of experimenting hard to do alone, I got you. With the Fresh Start Program we go through it bit by bit to find what your individual path is. There is zero judgement and just observing and learning and growing. We can navigate this together so that you can feel your best and if desired, enjoy some cake.

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