5 Easy Ways to Start The New Year Right

Another year is upon us and this is when we are bombarded with new fitness routines and diet trends. While there is nothing wrong with health goals for the New Year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in the sea of information.

Let’s just focus on five easy things we can do to get the New Year off to a great start!

Wine toast
  1. If you have been overindulging on alcohol over the holiday season, slowly try to decrease your alcohol consumption. No need to go all in on Dry January (unless you want to, of course) but you might find a “Damp January” more effective. Sometimes the all or nothing actions can lead to failure. By giving yourself some wiggle room, you can still make progress without giving up.
  2. Most of us know to eat more fruits and veggies but instead of just eating more of them and eliminating all “unhealthy” foods, try crowding out. Crowding out is a great way to feel satisfied while also increasing your intake of produce. Simply put your usual meal on your plate, ideally with a smaller portion size, and fill the rest of your plate with whole foods like vegetables. We tend to overdo it with swapping all our favorites to 100% the healthiest options we can think of which leads to restriction and failure.
  3. Add snack-like exercises to your day. Yes, a full workout is great but sometimes we’re so busy we never carve out the full time we need. Before we know it, the day is over and we never moved our bodies. Instead, we can do mini activities during the day to help us make some improvements in our health goals. Things as simple as walking in place while brushing your teeth, a couple jumping jacks while waiting for your coffee to brew. It may sounds silly but it all adds up and feels good.
  4. When you wake up, think of 3 things you’re grateful for and 3 things you’re looking forward to that day. It helps train to brain to find the good throughout the day and help to clear out the negative. All day we hear news stories, see social media posts and other negativity around us. Training our minds to find more gratitude and balance out the negativity will lead to a healthier mindset.
  5. The number one New Years Resolution is to eat healthier. That’s easier said than done. Between the many diets, conflicting information and well-intentioned changes, it’s often hard to see the results you’re hoping for. However, with the right path, you can look and feel your best without all the drastic measure. Get the Guide to Simple Secrets to Looking and Feeling Great Long-Term. We want the changes you’re looking for to stick, not just be a temporary solution.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I would be happy to explore what your goals are for the New Year. Feel free to book a FREE mini session with me to discuss. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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